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  NEW!!  Vladimir Putin Plans to Deploy a Balloon Barrage Net to Defend Russian Air Space

NEW!!   93753 Leading Aircraftman Archie Robert Vertigans

NEW!!   855815 Corporal Thomas Reginald Dykes, No.922 Balloon Barrage Squadron

NEW!!  Cinefilm Taken by 1123713 Flying Officer Reginald Barrable from 1930 to 1970

  NEW!!  The Historical Background to the Manufacture and Distribution of the Campaign Medals for WWII.

NEW!! 90495 Wing Commander Charles Edgar Harvey  

NEW!! The 1942 Race Issue of The Government

NEW!! Arming of the Cable on Low Altitude Barrage Balloons   

    NEW!!   BEWARE! Balloons over Birmingham   

   NEW!!   Group Captain Adam Kropiński, V.M., D.F.C., M.I.D.

     NEW!!   Bring Blimps Back Project

    NEW!!   The Balloon Barrage 1936 to 1938

   NEW!!   Harrow District Council versus The Air Ministry and No.3 Balloon Centre

   NEW!!    Some Uniform Woes of the W.A.A.F

     NEW!!  How Hydrogen Was Made For The Balloon Barrage.

    NEW!!  Balloon Losses

   NEW!! Section Officer Diana Mary Ware (307)

  NEW!! Operation Prank D Day Exercise

NEW!! 1207501 Leading Aircraftman Horace William Eaton

NEW!!  The Role of Barrage Balloons in the Ghost Fleet on D-Day

  NEW!!  Leading Aircraftman Thomas Reginald Dykes

  NEW!!  Henrik Melder and No.990 Squadron Sri Lanka (Formerly Ceylon)

   NEW!! Auxiliary Territorial Services in World War Two



  Balloon Cable Tragedy in Sussex

Barrage Balloon Cable Collisions with Aircraft in WWII

  Collisions With Balloon Cables and Squeakers

  Damage by Barrage Balloons and the War Damage Commission

Freak Accident with Barrage Balloon Causes Car to Take Off!

 Mary Pratt Crushed by Barrage Balloon 1942

The First Fatal Casualty in Balloon Command September 2nd, 1939.

The First Fatalities from a Barrage Balloon Cable

  The First Woman to Die on Active Service in the Second World War




BBRC - All about us and our history and how to join.  UPDATED APRIL 2022

Contacts - Who is who at the BBRC 




1940 Status Location and Equipment of Balloon Barrage Squadrons between 31st July and 31st August 1940

Abbey Mills Pumping Station with Barrage Balloon aloft.

   Auxiliary Territorial Services in World War Two

Balloon Command -Development of Balloon Command in the Great War and Second World War

Balloon Research at Experimentation Site Pawlett by Rex Haggett 2006

 Balloon Squadron Composition and Orders

Balwnau Amddiffyn - Barrage Balloons at Pembroke Dock in WWII

Barrage Balloons around Barry Area in WWII

Barrage Balloon A. Y. Alessie a short history  

Barrage Balloon Manual by LAC Margaret Lindsey

Barrage Balloon Sites in Sheffield

Barrage Balloon Vessels an Introduction

Battle Orders- Balloon Barrages and Squadrons Overseas.

Big Bertha from World war II gets new role in the anti-terrorist war in Cyprus inn 1956

Books on Barrage Balloons and Balloon use in the Wars

Cable Strike!

Cardington 2 Ton Mobile Crane

Central Trade and Test Board (C.T.T.B.) Questions For Balloon Operators

Champion Balloon Team September 1943 South Wales and The West

  Charles Richard John "Tiger" Hawkins AFC

NEW!!  Cinefilm Taken by 1123713 Flying Officer Reginald Barrable from 1930 to 1970

Consumption of High Pressure Hydrogen Cylinders by Balloon Command During the War

Damage by Barrage Balloons and the War Damage Commission

  Defence of Trains by Barrage Balloons

Duke of Edinburgh Meets Barrage Balloon Club Members to Celebrate 80th Anniversary of the RAF

  Edna Joyce  Mann meets the Queen

   Formation of a Balloon Depot at Kidbrooke

Free Balloon Operations in World War Two  

History of Balloons in Warfare - the earliest uses of balloons in warfare.

History of Polish Balloon flight serving with the R.A.F. in Great Britain in WWII

Hull's Own Air Force Station by Len Bacon

If Only They Had Employed a Balloon Barrage at Pearl Harbour and the Falklands   

 Investigation of Death on Active Service of 630150 Aircraftman 1st Class Nathaniel McGrady 

         949 Balloon Squadron at Crewe.

Lieutenant Commander William Compton Taylor D.S.C. and the Mobile Balloon Barrage

Location of the first 69 Barrage Balloon Squadrons across Britain in 1940 

Memories of a Barrage Balloon Operator written by Jean Shepherd who died 13th February 1997

  Operation Crossbow

Policy Regarding Restoration of Static Balloon Barrages -August 1944.*

Post World War One Development of Balloon Barrages*  

Senator Joe Kennedy Meets Barrage Balloon Crew in London 1940*

Some History of the Balloon Sheds at Pucklechurch*

  Some Obscure Balloon Units*

The Archive of Warrant Officer Frederick Quinn *

The Development of Balloon Command*

    The Origin and History of M Balloon Unit*

The Orkney Balloon Barrage in WWII By Ginny Schroder*

NEW!!  The Role of Barrage Balloons in the Ghost Fleet on D-Day*

Theory of Barrage Balloons - Discusses the Principle of Barrage Balloon Flight and Function*

  The Number of Barrage Balloons Flown By Balloon Command During The War

The Making of The One Show's "Women's Barrage Balloon Squadron's"*

The Unveiling and Dedication of the Memorial to Balloon Command at The National Memorial Aboretum*

   The Very First Women's Auxiliary Air Force Balloon Barrage Operators*

W.A.A.F.S. involved at R.A.F. Chigwell in making and servicing Barrage Balloons*



Articles about Barrage Balloons by David Wintle

Article on Balloon Winches by David Wintle

A Typical Balloon Crew  - Staffing and typical routine 

Barrage Balloon Oil or Water Manometer

Balloon Cable Cutting Device for Aircraft

Barrage Balloon Winch found and now on display at Wings Museum

Barrage Balloon Cables

Elasticated Cord used inside barrage balloons

     NEW!!  How Hydrogen Was Made For The Balloon Barrage.

Ropework and Knots used by Barrage Balloon Operators- UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The MK VII Series I Kite Balloon - Its construction and make up -The basic parts*

The Work of Ken Kelly and Eddie Smith in Restoring two Balloon Winch Vehicles to Their Original Condition



  No 1 Balloon Centre, Balloon Command, RAF Kidbrooke 1938-1945 Squadrons 901, 902 and 903

 No 1 Balloon Centre Balloon Command RAF Kidbrooke 1938-1945 Squadrons 901, 902 and 903

  No.1 Balloon Centre, Surbiton Group Photo ( Officers ) 1941

  No.11 Balloon Centre, Pucklechurch, Bristol.



 901 Squadron - The First Seven Months of Hell

Walter Mitty Surfaces in No.914 Squadron at Northfield Birmingham

921 Squadron and the Seaforth Balloon Barrage Cylinder Fire 1941

923 Squadron based at Runcorn

  History of No. 924 Balloon Barrage Squadron (East Lancashire) March 1938 to June 1940

History of No. 924 Balloon Barrage Squadron (East Lancashire) June 1940 to December 1942

History of No. 924-930 Balloon Barrage Squadron (East Lancashire) January 1943 to November 1944

  929 Squadron Deal with a Breakaway Balloon

Tragic Loss of Life at 933 Barrage Balloon Squadron at Gosport 12th August 1940  

  937 Squadron, Site 74, The Three Page Girls

  938 Squadron Becomes the First English Squadron to Down a German Bomber

952 Squadron and George Baker's Story

966 Squadron Claims first German Bomber at Newport Wales 13th September 1940 Updated February 2011

978 Squadron Pictures - including Leslie Pickett and Ron Cozens

Short Notes on No. 978 Balloon Barrage Squadron

   No. 980 Balloon Barrage Squadron Moves from Abadan to Egypt

983 Squadron - Balloon Barrages in Malta

990 Barrage Balloon Squadron during WWII.



 R.A.F. & R.Aux.A.F. & W.A.A.F. PERSONNEL

   966 Flying Officer Dorothy Mabel Murray Stanley-Turner W.R.A.F.R.O.

 1348 Diana Mary Barton -The first woman to Command a Balloon Unit In London

1348 Acting Squadron Officer Diana Mary Barton, O.B.E.

  2271 Section Officer Zena Beatrice Taylor

  37106 Group Captain John Alexander KENT, DFC and Bar,AFC , Virtuti Militaire (Polish VC)

   840141 Leading Aircraftman Purser (Percy) Bush 

  846454 Leading Aircraftman Frank Orriss 909 Squadron, Balloon Operator.

85715 Pilot Officer George Hutchinson 966 Squadron 

90629 Flight Lieutenant Clifford Basil North

100483 Wing Commander Henry Rapoport Rollin M.B., B.Ch., D.P.M.

113547 Flying Officer Douglas GOODWIN

123713 Flying Officer Reginald Barrable

 126645 L.A.C. Sidney Southern 965 Squadron

128871 Leading Aircraftman Harry Quittenden 965 Squadron

1298045 Leading Aircraftman Edgar Charles "Taff" Garwood 980 Squadron

134025 Leading Aircraftwoman Celia Mary Morris

136647 Flying Officer Ernest Keeley

195295 Squadron Leader Arthur Egerton Knight 933 Squadron

28245 Flight Sergeant Richard Marrable

354025 WO1 Francis Frew Dunlop M.B.E.

441880 Sergeant Dora Guyll (nee Barnes)

476938 Aircraftwoman 1st Class Marion Jean Hind

512168 Flight Sergeant (Temporary Warrant Officer) James Charles Christopher Cook

513948  Warrant Officer Henry Higgins

519203 Sergeant William Truran

528399 Sergeant John Sanderson 966 Squadron, 936, 966, 972, 977, 986,970 Squadrons 

The John Sanderson Archive2

The John Sanderson Archive3

The John Sanderson Archive4

541698 Aircraftman 1st Class Robert Murton 951 Squadron

542358 Corporal Thomas Scott 965 Squadron

548125 Leading Aircraftman Charles David Parry 905, 971, 983, 932/3, 998 Sqdn

  647867 Aircraftman 2nd Class Ronald George Lees

647872 Corporal Wilfred Gordon Allen 914 Squadron

  74294 Squadron Leader James Martin Warner - his story - Parts 1 to 6

747552 Corporal Norman Bertie Austin James

75282 Squadron Leader Robert Wallis Beresford 978 Squadron India

 840931 Corporal Henry Sydenham

840928 Leading Aircraftman Stanley A. Ross 902 Squadron

 841773 Leading Aircraftman George Herbert Bennett

843081 Temporary Corporal  Leonard Winston  Cooper  905 Squadron

 844139 Leading Aircraftman Alexander Alfred James Dangar

846554 Eric Williams 909 Squadron East Ham, March 1939 - August 1941

852019 Leading Aircraftman William Aitken Osborne B.E.M., 917 Barrage Balloon Squadron

 852848 Leading Aircraftman William Boardman

856676  LAC  Raymond George Mumford 935 Sqdn Royal Aux Air Force  

857254 Flying Officer Henry Leslie Stuart Lake 924 Barrage Balloon Squadron

858206 Leading Aircraftman John Ronald Buckley, 925 and 974 Squadron  

 853747 Leading Aircraftman Leonard Ashcroft Bancroft Archive 919 Squadron 

864077 Leading Aircraftman William James Davies 933, 932 and 970 Squadron

864902 Corporal Cyril Russell Holman 934 Squadron

872366 Flight Sergeant 872366 William Andrew Burn 978 Sqdn

 884128 Aircraftwoman 2nd Class Gladys Wendy Bradwell 941 Balloon Squadron

 892229   Leading Aircraftwoman Margaret Callaghan

 90443 Wing Commander Richard Harold Berryman

  90608 Wing Commander Ralph Risk M.C.& Bar 

958322 LAC John PERKINS 902 and 972 Squadrons 


1002262 Aircraftman 1st Class John Vincent Elliot Bullough 920 Squadron

1069212 Leading Aircraftman GEORGE (Judd) BIRCHALL *UPDATED AUGUST 2016

1076099 LAC Tom Fraser 908, 910, 929, 948 Sqdn

1105416 Sergeant Daniel Currie “Jock” Hamilton 975 & 980 Squadrons

1109604 Leading Aircraftman Henry Maurice Rowland 916 and 952 Squadrons

 1155265 leading Aircraftman Aubrey Irving Moore 11155265 and Balloon Paintings by Peter Wilson.

   1155948 Leading Aircraftman Frederick Taylor

   1164531 Aircraftman 2nd Class Sidney Frank Garraway

  1207501 Leading Aircraftman Horace William Eaton

  1279034 Leading Aircraftman George Mayo Lewis

 1465905 Leading Aircraftman Ralph John MOSS  961 Barrage Balloon Squadron

2018720 Aircraftwoman 1st Class Dorothy Winifred Oliver

 2019493 Leading Aircraftwoman Irene Lucy Whiteside

2027976, L.A.C.W. Dorothy (Doff) Hunt, 904/5 Squadron E Flight.Photo Archive

  2029931  Aircraftwoman 1st Class Doreen Marjorie Barron 

  2031348 Leading Aircraftwoman Eleanor J. Bostock (Nee Howard)

   2033198 Leading Aircraftwoman Annie Jane Gutsell

2048680 L. A.C.W. Margaret Rossow (Nee Usher) 919, 921 and 923 Squadron

2050056 Leading Aircraftwoman Hilda Mudd- her story about being a Barrage Balloon Operator in WWII

2050224  Corporal Margaret Amy Jackson (Bidstrup, formerly Rhodes )  

  2059399 LACW Kathleen Ellen WOOLEY DOB 10/12/1920 919. 921,919/923 Squadrons

2066973 Leading Aircraftwoman Lilian Doreen Dack ( nee Taylor ) and Vera Fox

   2072102 Leading Aircraft Woman Irene Hampson (Nee Barlow)

  2080759 Leading Aircraftwoman Kathleen Elsie Cooper

  2089738 Leading Aircraftwoman Rosina Alice May Cuming

5309321 Corporal 5309321 Samuel William Fowler 952 Squadron

J203547 Leading Aircraftman John William Hufton

Henry Benjamin Banks 901 Squadron.  

John Leeson, 901 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman  Joe "Titch" Riley 91Joe9,942,943 squadron

   Leading Aircraftman Eric Neville

 Alex Hinks 912 Squadron in France 1940

John Baker Archive Main Page including 902 Squadron

 Leading Aircraftman Alfred Ives 910 Squadron

Joe Riley 919/ 942 and 943 Squadron

Leading Aircraftwoman Doris Cox, 901, 932, 933 Squadrons

  The Frank Verney Archive - courtesy of Peter Verney



  Obituary 2027787 Corporal Eileen Emily Hollidge

Obituary 2020766 Leading Aircraftwoman Hazel Winifred Barrow (Nee Walker)

Obituary for Alan Keith Rimmer Member No. 402

Obituary 2017049 Leading Aircraftwoman Mary Molly Alice Elizabeth Russell

  Obituary Derek Webb, 1927 -2020,  President of the Balloon Barrage Reunion Club  

Obituary Phyllis Wood President of the Balloon Barrage Reunion Club



Pictures of 965 Squadron in Ternauzern, Holland 1944-45 including Joe Cheneler

   Aerial Bodies2022 by Lily Ford

My Mark VIII Balloon still images

Video clips of my Mark VIII Balloon

My Mark VI Balloon


Photo Gallery   

Photo Gallery1  


  A Balloon Saboteur Gets Jail

An extract of a story by John Waddington-Feather on Barrage Balloons and their WWII experiences

  A Painting by Grace Kingston of a Barrage Balloon

A Research Article on Opticians and Military Service Tribunals in 1916

  Arming Balloon Barrage Personnel in 1940.

  Balloon Squadrons Play Cricket During the War

Bomb Disposal and the British Casualties of WW2 by Chris Ransted

  British Man Sent Secrets of Balloon Barrage to Germany

Doodling at Duxford: a Day out with the V1 Flying Bombs

Eileen Younghusband and One Woman's War

 Flying Bomb Humour  

Flying Officer Peter Carter - One of the Forgotten Few

Hanna Reitsch - A German WWII test pilot who has been called "The Century’s Greatest Pilot"

 Herbert Johnson 1894- 1957 and RAF Aldwyth Train

  How My Sister Won The War by Alan Rimmer

    Julian The Tank Bank At Monmouth 1918

Linda Hervieux and her new book "Forgotten" about an African-American Balloon Unit on D-day.  

Linda Hervieux & the Launch of the Book "Forgotten" at Pomtypool. 

  Monmouth Flag Repaired and Returned to Monmouth Museum

  Q-ships and Zeppelins

Pencil Sketch of Barrage Balloons over Cardington

  Rev. George Kendall O.B.E. Chaplain to No.910 Balloon Squadron

Richard Jefferson Walters a USA citizen who helped advise on Balloon Barrages prior to WWII

Roof Over Britain -published in 1943 as a public information booklet.

   Snippets From The Wartime Papers

  St. Andrews Church Chelsea

Stitching for Victory by Suzanne Griffiths  

  The Gas Cylinder Rodeo

  The Historical Background to the Manufacture and Distribution of the Campaign Medals for WWII. 

The Outrageous Scandal of Mr Jack Tagg - a British War Hero

The Parachute Regiment and Barrage Balloons

The Vintage Flight Wild Balloon Winch at 621 Volunteer Gliding Squadron Hullavington

UPDATED!! Tom Flack Interview and Photographs and The Balloon Hangar at Pawlett, Somerset.

William Henry Laurie Was Almost Charged with Treachery and Shot

WWII Valentine Card with "Balloon Barrage"

   Youngest Member of a Balloon Crew


Minutes of BBRC AGM 2004

Pictures of our AGM 2005


Annual General meeting at The Union Jack Club 20th September 2007

Ex-Balloon Operators Meet up for their Annual Dinner 2012.

Reunion Pictures  - Pictures of past reunions and attending members
























Leading Aircraftman Stanley JAY 980 squadron

Ronald Bullimore Archive from 910 Squadron

Fallen Heroes of World War II- In Proud and Honoured Memory

  Arthur Goldsmith Airman 1st Class, 2nd Balloon Squadron (part of the 7th Balloon Wing).

  For the Duration L.A.C. D.J. Roberts story of his wartime exploits in Barry, London and Norfolk during WWII

Wing Commander John Sylvester "Jack" Wheelwright DSC

Can You Help? - A list of queries raised by members and the public about Balloon Barrage Operatives

Links - Some great links to further information on Barrage Balloons

Join the Airship Heritage Trust if you enjoy finding out about "Lighter Than Air" matters.

Wanted: Barrage Balloon or any items associated with Barrage Balloons.

Roll of Honour - Fallen Comrades of Balloon Command  

Former Comrades -  LAC Purser Bush, Squadrons 901, 948, 982 and 966.

                                           Edgar Garwood and Stanley Jay 980 Squadron

                                           Edna Joyce Mann 904/5 Squadron John Leslie Pickett 906 / 978 Squadron

                                           LAC Joe Riley 919.923.943 Squadron

Urgent!!!!    Save Cardington Airfield

For Sale  - Articles for sale by the BBRC